Special Teams

Fire Investigation Team

A cooperative effort between the Fire Department and Police Department that consists of 9 members from the Fire Department and 2 members from the Police Department. The teams' primary objective is to determine the cause and origin of every fire. There are three Fire Investigators assigned to each 24-hour shift that are responsible for handling the fire investigations on their rotation. All Fire Investigators are issued digital pagers and are utilized on all fires when multiple Fire Investigators are needed.

Fire & EMS Instruction

Portage Fire Department (PDF) has 30 of its Firefighters certified as Fire Instructors. There are 12 certified as Fire Instructor II or III and 18 as Instructor I. This highly educated team of Instructors is devoted to the training of Portage Fire Personnel as well as other fire departments throughout the Porter County Area.

Water Rescue Team

PFD has a ten 12-member team of Firefighters that are skilled in surface rescue, underwater rescue and recovery, boat operations, and line tending. Five members of the team are certified Rescue Divers. The team holds monthly training to sharpen their skills and keep current with the latest rescue techniques.

Tactical Paramedics

This team is another cooperative effort between the Fire Department and the Police Department. Portage Fire Department has 6 Paramedics assigned to the SWAT team that are trained as tactical medics to assist law enforcement in hazardous situations. The Police Department has 12 Police Officers assigned, making the team an 18-member team.

Honor Guard

This team was established in 2000 and consists of 12 Firefighters devoted to properly displaying the pride and colors of the Portage Fire Department and our country. The team is also responsible for representing the Fire Department at special events, memorial and funeral services, or Firefighters, Police Officers, and Public Officials.

Special Events

Portage Fire Department also participates in numerous special events throughout the year. "Fill the Boot", The Firefighters, with many other community organizations; host a Bicycle Rodeo and Child Safety Day every year during National Emergency Medical Services Week. The event features a safety course for riders and free helmet giveaways.