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Traffic Commission

It shall be the general duty of the traffic commission to:

(1) Conduct studies and investigations of traffic conditions, patterns, accidents, and problems;

(2) Analyze such studies and investigations for the purpose of developing ways and means to improve traffic conditions;

(3) Plan the operation of traffic on the streets and highways of this city; and

(4) Determine the installation and proper timing of traffic-control devices.

It shall be the duty of the traffic commission to:

(1) Coordinate traffic activities;

(2) Carry on educational activities in traffic matters;

(3) Supervise the preparation and publication of traffic reports;

(4) Receive complaints having to do with traffic matters; and

(5) Recommend to the common council and other city officials ways and means for improving traffic conditions, administration, and enforcement of traffic regulations.

It shall be the duty of the traffic commission, with such aid as may be rendered by other members of the police department, to:

(1) Enforce the street traffic regulations of the city and the state;

(2) Make arrests for traffic violations;

(3) Investigate accidents;

(4) Cooperate with other officers in the city in the administration of the traffic laws and in developing ways and means to improve traffic conditions; and

(5) Carry out those duties especially imposed upon the commission by this chapter, the traffic ordinances of the city, and the state law.

Traffic Commission Membership - 1 year term, 5 Members: 1 appointed by Council, 4 by title. Meets 9:00 AM 1st Thursday of Every Month at the Portage Police Department.

Debbie Podgorski – Council
Mark Monks - Member
Randy Reeder - Member
Charles Mason - Member

Vacant  - City Engineer

Sonya Lindgren – Recording Secretary

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    Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm. Traffic Commission meets 1st Thursday of Every Month in the City Hall Conference Room.

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