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We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our city safe, clean, and prosperous.


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01/21/2021 pdf Road Closure Notification - Central Avenue 45 97 KB Details icon
12/01/2020 unknown Hyper-Reach Sign Up 125   Details icon
11/19/2020 pdf Gov. Holcomb Announces State Equity Chief 137 87 KB Details icon
08/03/2020 unknown Portage Covid Testing Site 960   Details icon
07/27/2020 unknown City Buildings to Follow Governor's Face Coverings Order 254   Details icon
06/08/2020 unknown City Hall COVID 19 Policy 239   Details icon
04/07/2020 unknown YouTube Live Stream City Meetings 56   Details icon
04/07/2020 unknown Facebook Live Stream City Meetings 58   Details icon
03/31/2020 unknown Intro 2020 Census 182   Details icon
03/20/2020 unknown Stronger Together 168   Details icon
03/16/2020 pdf Closure of City Offices to Public 187 280 KB Details icon
02/28/2020 unknown Coronavirus Quick Facts 272   Details icon
01/06/2020 unknown Mayor Sue Lynch joins Porter County, Ogden Dunes and Beverly Shores in declaring emergencies on their respective lakefronts 400   Details icon
Documents 1-13 of 13

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