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March 31 Mayor's Message

All Call for March 31st



Good afternoon Portage residents, this is Mayor Sue Lynch 


On March 22nd the state board of health reported 11 Corona Virus cases in Lake County. Today, just nine days later, that number has jumped to 145 cases.  Porter County went from zero cases to 21 in that same period of time.  Do not be fooled by this virus, it is highly contagious and is spreading rapidly; you may not even know you have the virus but you could be spreading it to others.  Make no mistake, this virus does not discriminate.  Statistics are now showing that people ages 40 to 59 are 18% as likely to get the virus vs 12% in those who are in their 70’s.


As the numbers for the Coronavirus continue to grow I cannot stress strongly enough how vitally important it is for everyone to abide by Governor Holcomb’s order to “shelter in place.” I understand it may prove difficult for many of you, but we cannot and will not stop the spread of this virus if citizens continue to insist on acting as if this pandemic isn’t happening here in Portage.  


“Shelter in Place” includes limiting travel to essential needs only. Many of our stores are offering curb side or home delivery as a safer option. If you find it absolutely necessary to enter a store please make a comprehensive list to avoid making multiple trips and also minimize the number of people you take with you to the store.


Our Portage Community is providing the following public opportunities:


The Portage “Stronger Together”, effort is working to help feed Portage families.  Yesterday, Portage Twp. Schools supplied over 10,000 meals to our students.  


The YMCA program “Feed the Kids” continues to provide free meals to families Monday thru Friday from 5-6 p.m. with their drive thru free lunch and dinner program.  You will need to register for this program by emailing the YMCA at  



The Portage Township Food Pantry is offering twice weekly drive-thru distributions, Monday and Thursday from 10am-12pm. Now, more than ever, the Portage Township Food Pantry needs monetary donations to keep pace with the large number of people they are serving.  Please consider helping by sending a check to the Portage Food Pantry, P.O. Box 1582, Portage, IN 46368.



Also, just a few reminders:


Help Portage be counted in the 2020 Census by taking a few minutes to fill out the form you received in the mail.  We must do better than the 80% participation from ten years ago.


A message from our Wastewater plant ... Please keep our sanitary system from getting clogged.  Do NOT flush items like baby or adult wipes, sanitary products or paper toweling down the toilet, even though they might say they are harmless, they are NOT. 


Let all of us work to keep Portage a strong, vital and healthy community by “sheltering in place” for the next few weeks, washing hands thoroughly when returning home and keep practicing “Social Distancing”....... keep all of our emergency responders and city workers safe as they continue to serve and protect us. 


Thank you and be well

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