City of Portage, Indiana

We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our city safe, clean, and prosperous.


Mayoral Appointees

Board of Works 

5 members: The Mayor & 4 citizens appointed by the mayor. 
Term: 1 year 

Sue I. Lynch, Mayor
Shaunna Finley, Member
Jamie Lewis, Member
Steve Sonaty, Member
Scott Williams, Member
Dan Whitten, Attorney
Nina Rivas, Clerk-Treasurer

Port Authority 

7 members:  7 appointed by Mayor w/Council approval.
Term: 4 years 

Jeff Fleming, Member 
Ray Blazek, Member 
Allen Ekdahl, Member 
Steve Nelson, Member 
Carl Simpson, Member 
Al Bridges, Member
Barb Lusco, Member  
Ferdinand Alvarez - City Council Liaison Member              

Portage Economic Development Cooperation 

2 members: appointed by Mayor

AJ Monroe, Member
Ralph Mundt, Member

Advisory Claims Committee 

6 members: Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, 3 Mayoral appointments (by virtue of office), and 1 City Council appointment.
Term: 1 year 

Sue I. Lynch, Mayor
Nina Rivas, Clerk-Treasurer
Brian Gulley, Council member/Mayor
Lori Wilkie, Park Superintendent/Mayor
Dave Littleton, Storm/Mayor
Pat Clem, Council

Alcoholic Beverage Commission

The membership of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission is as follows:  1 Mayoral appointment (one-year term).

Jim Thompson, Member

Americans With Disabilities Act Building & Grounds Coordinator

1 year term: 1 appointed by the mayor

Sandy Kolb, Member

Senior Advisory Board

Description: Created to help identify senior needs and solutions.  This group sponsors our annual Senior Health Fair and our Senior Art Show.

Any Members Are Welcome. Phone the Mayor's Office at (219) 762-5425.

Education Foundation 

Term: 2 years

Amy Armstrong, Member

Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Visitor Commission

2 members:  appointed by Mayor
Term: 2 years

Barb Lusco, Member 
Karen Webster, Member

Ethics Commissions

2 year term, 5 members: 2 appointed by Mayor (1 from each political party), 3 appointed by Council ( 1 a Licensed attorney), (w/min of 1 from each political party).

Raliesa Parker (D) - Mayor

Michael Cooper (I) - Mayor

Victoria Grisham (R) - Council

Dave Lasayko (R) - Council

Ken Elwood - Attorney/Council

Hearing Authority For Enforcement of Building Standards

1 year term, 1 member, Judge

Allan Minel - Mayor

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