City of Portage, Indiana

We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our city safe, clean, and prosperous.


Mayoral Appointees

Board of Works 

5 members: The Mayor & 4 citizens appointed by the mayor. 
Term: 1 year 

Sue I. Lynch, Mayor
Shaunna Finley, Member
Jamie Lewis, Member
Steve Sonaty, Member
Scott Williams, Member
Dan Whitten, Attorney
Nina Rivas, Clerk-Treasurer

Port Authority 

7 members:  7 appointed by Mayor w/Council approval.
Term: 4 years 

Jeff Fleming, Member 
Ray Blazek, Member 
Allen Ekdahl, Member 
Steve Nelson, Member 
Carl Simpson, Member 
Al Bridges, Member
Barb Lusco, Member  
Ferdinand Alvarez - City Council Liaison Member              

Portage Economic Development Cooperation 

2 members: appointed by Mayor

AJ Monroe, Member
Ralph Mundt, Member

Park & Recreation Impact Fee Review Board

5 year term, 3 members ( consisting of a real estate broker, engineer and certified public accountant) appointed by the Mayor.


Denise Little - Mayor


Advisory Claims Committee 

6 members: Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, 3 Mayoral appointments (by virtue of office), and 1 City Council appointment.
Term: 1 year 

Sue I. Lynch, Mayor
Nina Rivas, Clerk-Treasurer
Brian Gulley, Council member/Mayor
Lori Wilkie, Park Superintendent/Mayor
Dave Littleton, Storm/Mayor
Pat Clem, Council

Alcoholic Beverage Commission

The membership of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission is as follows:  1 Mayoral appointment (one-year term).

Jim Thompson, Member

Americans With Disabilities Act Building & Grounds Coordinator

1 year term: 1 appointed by the Mayor

Sandy Kolb, Member

Senior Advisory Board

Meets 9:00 am 3rd Tuesday of every month at various locations.

Sue Lynch - Mayor 

Any Members Are Welcome. Phone the Mayor's Office at (219) 762-5425.

Education Foundation 

Term: 2 years

Amy Armstrong, Member

Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Visitor Commission

2 members:  appointed by Mayor
Term: 2 years

Barb Lusco, Member 
Karen Webster, Member

Ethics Commissions

2 year term, 5 members: 2 appointed by Mayor (1 from each political party), 3 appointed by Council ( 1 a Licensed attorney), (w/min of 1 from each political party).

Raliesa Parker (D) - Mayor

Michael Cooper (I) - Mayor

Victoria Grisham (R) - Council

Dave Lasayko (R) - Council

Ken Elwood - Attorney/Council

Portage EDC 

2 year term, 2 members appointed by Mayor, Meets Tuesday 7:30am 2nd Tuesday ( except July & December ) of every month at various locations.

A.J. Monroe - Mayor

Ralph Mundt - Mayor

Porter County Convention, Recreation & Visitor Commission

2 year term: 2 members appointed by Mayor

Barb Lusco - Mayor

Karen Webster - Mayor

Porter County Solid Waste Citizens Advisory Committee

Annual Reaffirmation or New Appointment can be made.

Dennis Wells - Mayor

Brian Gulley - Council

Hearing Authority For Enforcement of Building Standards

1 year term, 1 member, Judge

Allan Minel - Mayor

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